We are to build a house of freedom

We exist to equip individuals to understand how to utilize their skill sets to aid in the rescue and restoration of those in need. Our training program is designed to structure and form each persons calling and purpose uniquely.

To develop these skills, we use the metaphor of constructing a house.

introduction to the course

Each week includes two to three days of in class lecture and hands on activities with specialized instructors, two days of a perspective-based experience coinciding with the theme, unique field-work opportunities, bible study with their Free Rain devotionals as a guide, group project preparation, and a day off.



God’s heart for justice

The work of justice is some of the most fertile ground for discipleship

The places of violent oppression and abuse that may seem utterly God-forsaken are in fact the places where we have most deeply experienced the presence and power of God.

The success is not possible without having a deep rooted foundation in God and His Word



Areas of engagement in the fight

• Prevention - educating those at risk and cultural understanding

• Rescue - identifying victims and proper reconnaissance 

• Restoration - advocacy of survivors through therapy and education

• Reintegration - releasing survivors back into society with dignity

• Response - responding to the call to seek freedom for those enslaved



Connection and support

The walls speak to the partnership and connection working in the field

• Organizations

• Local Churches

• Social Enterprises



Protection and Covering

• The construction of the roof completes the house

• Stops the walls and pillars from collapsing

• Elements of the roof:

          • Material – Environment and culture

          • Construction – Accountability and integrity

          • Durability – Longevity and sustainability


The Foundation is continually implemented and reinforced throughout the program. The Pillars are formed through lectures facilitated by professionals who are in the field actively working against global injustice. The Walls are manifested through fieldwork and partnerships on the front lines. The Roof is the concluding factor created by the work accomplished throughout the course.

Global Practicum designed to equip those that want to help in the fight against trafficking while using their God given skill sets and passions. 

Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

Application available spring 2018