Injustice Response Training exists to equip individuals to understand how to utilize their skill sets to aid in the rescue and restoration of those in need. Our training programs are designed to structure and form each person’s calling and purpose uniquely.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice for they shall be satisfied.  ~Matthew 5:6


Where do you fit in the fight against injustice?



Our vision is to Build Abolitionist Students for International Change. Book a speaker or set up a one-day seminar that is designed to educate those wanting to help in the fight against trafficking.

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Law & Order

This specialized international short-term trip is for those wanting to mold their passion and skill set to aid in the rescue and restoration of those affected by exploitation and trafficking.


October 25 - November 4

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global practicum

This international and multi-faceted educational module is a 5-week course that will be utilized to train passionate justice seekers to fight on the front lines of global injustice.

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The 10/40 Window

The 10/40 Window is the regions of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia between 10º north and 40º north latitude on the globe. It is no coincidence that the majority of those enslaved today live in this area. The prominent religions in this region are Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. Without the presence, knowledge, and grace of God, the exploitation and trafficking of humans will continue and grow.

As justice seekers, we should be avidly seeking this area and its people groups to bring freedom to those affected by injustice.

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Her name was Rain


One hot summer night, the air was humid and dark. Heaviness loomed as men seeking to purchase women for sex trolled the beaten path. Our team sat in a brothel in the alley of Section 6, which is the length of a New York City block, and is estimated to have 1,800 women and children as young as 3 available for purchase. There was a young “working” girl. She was strikingly beautiful, painfully shy, and ever so gentle. Her name was Rain.


She met none of the stereotypes that our world unfairly proclaims to describe a woman in this line of work. Sold at a very young age, now a mother, she filled with doubt, diminished self worth, and a horrid distorted view of love. Through time, dedication, and no agenda of our outreach team, a sincere relationship was formed. After months of consistent care and love from our team, Rain finally asked for help to escape. After enrolling into our educational beauty program, Shear Love International, and graduating, she now has a career, dignity, and self-worth.


It is because of her and millions like her, that we exist. We desire to see Rain be free. We pray that she and those like her know they have purpose. We long for those who are enslaved to be free and furthermore, outfitted to lead a nurturing and healthy life. We hope that no man, woman, or child ever has to endure the bonds of slavery. We want to see children receive an education. We wish to see adults be equipped with skills. We want every human that is at risk of being exploited, to have opportunity. We desire to see human trafficking, exploitation, extreme poverty, and world hunger be abolished in our lifetime.


The Next Step: Outreach Team


Once you have participated in one of our programs, you can apply to become a team member or leader of Injustice Response’s International Outreach Crew. Here you will have the opportunity to use what you have been trained to do on the front-lines by building vital relationships with those still being exploited in the sex industry. You will conduct statistical research in hopes to gain a clearer understanding of trafficking and how to best combat it and work along side our other initiatives on the ground!

The exploitation of humans is unjust and it is time to take a stand together for freedom.