Her name was Rain


One hot summer night, the air was humid and dark. Heaviness loomed as men seeking to purchase women for sex trolled the beaten path. Our team sat in a brothel in the alley of Section 6, which is the length of a New York City block, and is estimated to have 1,800 women and children as young as 3 available for purchase. There was a young “working” girl. She was strikingly beautiful, painfully shy, and ever so gentle. Her name was Rain.


She met none of the stereotypes that our world unfairly proclaims to describe a woman in this line of work. Sold at a very young age, now a mother, she filled with doubt, diminished self worth, and a horrid distorted view of love. Through time, dedication, and no agenda of our outreach team, a sincere relationship was formed. After months of consistent care and love from our team, Rain finally asked for help to escape. After enrolling into our educational beauty program, Shear Love International, and graduating, she now has a career, dignity, and self-worth.


It is because of her and millions like her, that we exist. We desire to see Rain be free. We pray that she and those like her know they have purpose. We long for those who are enslaved to be free and furthermore, outfitted to lead a nurturing and healthy life. We hope that no man, woman, or child ever has to endure the bonds of slavery. We want to see children receive an education. We wish to see adults be equipped with skills. We want every human that is at risk of being exploited, to have opportunity. We desire to see human trafficking, exploitation, extreme poverty, and world hunger be abolished in our lifetime.